Troy College and Career High School

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Our school trip to the movies will be on Friday, December 21st! It is a required school-day, but the experience is our way of saying thank-you to all our students. We'll see you back on Monday, January 7th after break!
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What does open enrollment mean? All students, even from out-of-district, can attend. 
Is there additional tuition required to attend TCCHS? There are no tuition charges including the dual-enrollment college and certificate classes!
What school will be printed on my student's diploma? Students earn either a Troy or Athens diploma.
Can my student participate in athletics while attending TCCHS? All students may participate on the Troy or Athens teams once meeting necessary requirements.
How many credits can my student earn in a school year? Students can earn up to 8 academic credits as well as 2 additional work experience credits each school year. If a student is in the dual enrollment program, she/he may earn college credits as well.
Is transportation available for my student to attend school daily? Students must provide their own transportation.