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“The program creates many opportunities for those who are willing to take the initial step in going to college.  With this head start, the opportunities are endless.  Students have a better chance to get ahead in life, and it shows you take education seriously.”  (Zari Saynganthone, graduate)


“The Dual Enrollment program helps students get a running start and pick up momentum to get a feel for what college is like.  Another nice thing is that I could take my general education classes while thinking about what I want to do.”  (Patrick Conner, graduate)


“This was a great program for me.  The staff at NCHS [now TCCHS] has motivated me in the way they treat me and have prepared me for college.”  (Ennis Elias, graduate)


“I like the support we get.  I know the college has tutoring, but they don’t know us.  The teachers here at TCCHS help not only with subject areas, but with everyday concerns, as well.”  (Meg Weiss, current student)


“If it were not for Niles [now TCCHS], I would not be going to college right now.  Not everyone can get that opportunity, and this program makes it a lot easier for people in harder situations to go to school.  I am grateful, and I had a helping hand in doing it.”  (Amanda DiGiovanni, graduate)


“My biggest concern was that the work might be too difficult, or I might get overwhelmed, but that is abolished by the fact that I can rely on the help of the teachers.  It is very reassuring to have educated assistance, and it makes me much more comfortable with a situation I would normally be very nervous about.”  (Jeremy Huotari, graduate)


“They [TCCHS teachers] help with motivation. This program gives kids who didn’t think they would go to college the chance to experience it to see if that is the path they want to take.”  (Maya Adams, graduate)


“I looked around at people in classes around me [in college], and I felt I was more prepared than they were.  I felt I had received a lot of useful information.”  (Caroline Heilig, graduate)


“I see Dual Enrollment as a stepping stone.  It provided for a smoother transition from high school to college.”  (Amanda Mundt, graduate)


“Everything I have learned in College Prep has taught me organizational skills to help me in college and in my future career, as well,” (Kyle Newberry, graduate)      


“I am so glad we found this school.  If we hadn’t, I am not sure how comfortable Jeremy’s transition would have been to walk into a college setting not having the reassurance and the confidence boosters, let alone the skills he has acquired here.  My son found the perfect of combination of what he needed to succeed.”  (Karen Huotari, parent)


How to Apply


To learn more about dual enrollment options at TCCHS, please contact Deb MacDonald Linford, principal, at or (248) 823-5156.