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TCCHS Students Earn High School and College Credit at the Same Time

October 16, 2018


With 13 college credits already earned through dual enrollment, Meg Weis is currently taking an additional three classes at Oakland Community College and will have most of her general education college courses completed while she finishes her Troy College and Career High School diploma requirements - all at no cost to her family.

"This is a head start on college before having out-of-pocket expenses or taking loans out.  On top of that, Meg has earned scholarships before even leaving the dual enrollment program, so when she starts college on her own, she has a little something to help her get started," Rebeckah Weis, Meg's mom, said.

Both mom and daughter couldn't be happier as Meg prepares to transfer to Northern Michigan University next year to complete work toward a career as a secondary math and music teacher. 

"Dual Enrollment provides a much smoother transition from high school to college with support to learn how college classes work and how to be successful in them," Weis added.  "Meg is planning and better prepared to make wise decisions about how to navigate her college career and make good financial decisions."

Weis is one of 15 students who are dual-enrolled and attend a College Seminar class at TCCHS to further support their success.

Katie Lichtenberg, senior, took her first college class last winter and now carries 10 credits with plans to gain full-time student status next semester at OCC.

"One of the best things about Dual Enrollment is having a support system with someone there every day, not only to help me, but also hold me accountable and encourage me to be responsible for my own education," Lichtenberg said.

Brandon Novak, a senior looking at a career in criminal justice who will earn nine credits this semester at OCC to add to the three he earned as a beginning dual enrollment student last fall, said before he had heard about the program, he wasn't sure if college was even on his radar.

"A 15-minute conversation with a teacher at TCCHS turned my mind around after hearing about the program, scholarships, and more. I realized it is not as hard as I had thought," Novak said.

He said he enjoys telling others about the Troy College & Career dual enrollment program who Novak says are "astonished" when they learn that the district pays for it.

"Coming from high school to college can be scary, but dual enrollment at TCCHS can ease kids into college.  You have a lot of help, and we have some of the greatest teachers in Troy right here who reach out to kids," he said.

TCCHS assists students in the metro Detroit area in recovering high school credits, prepares them for higher education, and offers dual enrollment opportunities in both traditional college classes and vocational education leading to degrees or certificates.  For more information, call (248) 823-5156 or visit