Troy College and Career High School

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Students have Friday, April 19th off of school. Enjoy the 3-day weekend!

June News Notes

Troy College & Career High School – Tuesday, June 5, 2018

  • Graduating seniors, their families, and staff will be celebrating individual academic achievement including awards and scholarships at our annual Senior Recognition tomorrow evening.
  • We are very pleased to announce that 64 graduates from Troy College & Career High School will participate in commencement ceremonies next Wednesday evening. Many of our graduates from both in-seat and online programs have participated in our Dual Enrollment program by earning college credits from Oakland, Macomb, or Washtenaw Community Colleges.
  •  Students and staff volunteers spruced up landscaping, replaced mulch, and have been adding decorative paint to the childcare play area at the Niles Center.
  •  Ruth Holmes, an internationally-known certified document examiner, recently spoke to students and donated forensic equipment to Ms. Boogren’s Forensics II class for use in their document analysis curriculum unit.
  •  Like all the other schools, students and staff alike are excited about and looking forward to Summer Break!