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Our school trip to the movies will be on Friday, December 21st! It is a required school-day, but the experience is our way of saying thank-you to all our students. We'll see you back on Monday, January 7th after break!

TCCHS Students Explore Career Opportunities

April 25, 2018


In addition to traditional college planning, students at Troy College & Career High School considered technical, certificate, and apprenticeship career preparation at Oakland and Macomb Community Colleges when representatives from each school shared a myriad of options during school-wide assemblies recently.

 These programs, ranging from health care and skilled trades and applied technology areas like electrical, machinery, engineering, robotics, computer programming, and dozens more, are offered to TCCHS students while they are completing high school credits as part of the school’s Dual Enrollment program.

Troy College & Career High School assists students in the metro Detroit area to recover high school credits, prepares them for higher education, and offers dual enrollment opportunities in both traditional college classes and vocational education leading to degrees or certificates.  For more information, please call (248) 823-5156.

Troy College & Career High School student Max Wilfong (right) receives college planning advice from Claude Townsend, senior automotive servicing faculty member at Oakland Community College.

Troy College & Career High School students consider college planning information with representatives from Oakland Community College.  They include (from left): Claude Townsend, senior automotive servicing faculty member at OCC, Diamond Marchant, Max Wilfong, Keith Pawlovich, coordinator of admissions at OCC, and Preston Martin.

TCCHS students MacKenzie Malinowksi (left) and Tara Giddey (right) discuss certificate, degree, and apprenticeship opportunities with Mary Miller, admissions and outreach coordinator at MCC.