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Our school trip to the movies will be on Friday, December 21st! It is a required school-day, but the experience is our way of saying thank-you to all our students. We'll see you back on Monday, January 7th after break!

April News Notes

Troy College & Career High School – Tuesday, April 17, 2018


  • Troy College & Career High School welcomed new students into our fourth and final session of the school year.


  • Seven TCCHS seniors will be honored for their achievements at the annual metro Detroit Women of Tomorrow graduate luncheon at the Henry Hotel in Dearborn next week. Last month, the group engaged in a team building activity to create a tower with specific materials and learned that the loftiest plans don’t always end up being the most functional and successful.  Earlier today, students visited the U of M campus to get a taste of college life.


  • A representative of the Michigan State Police Crime Lab will work with Forensics II students to investigate and analyze sample crime scene evidence on Thursday. Next week, a representative from SOCCRA will speak to Environmental Science students about reducing, reusing, and recycling in Oakland County.


  • We are very proud of our students who, like most in the district, participated in SAT/state testing last week.


  • Student Government is busy preparing decorations and selling tickets for our second annual prom at the end of the month. As they design a 3rd annual Field Day for TCCHS students, Student Government members are also considering including preschoolers from the child care program in event plans.


  • The coordinator of admissions, a senior automotive servicing faculty member, as well as a representative from Workforce Development, all from Oakland Community College shared information with our entire school last Friday about a wide variety of technical and certification programs available to students. These programs are not only offered once students graduate, but also while they are completing high school credits at TCCHS as part of our school’s Dual Enrollment