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February School Board News

School Board News - Feb. 27, 2018


  • Student Government participants are preparing for a Spirit Week in March. They are also planning to read regularly to preschoolers in the TOTS program as part of March Madness National Reading Month.


  • Katie Lichtenberg and Tyler Bunting were honored earlier this month by the Kiwanis Club of Troy for their academic achievement and growth at Troy College & Career High School.


  • Forensic Science students studied dispatch recordings, trends, clues, and suspects in TSF Bank robberies that occurred during a two-year period with a Troy Police Department Community Service officer last week.


  • The Women of Tomorrow engaged in a financial literacy workshop earlier today and are excited about plans to visit the University of Michigan campus in April.


  • As the third part of The Advocacy Project created by teachers Michelle Leonard and Olivia Svacha, students are studying social justice issues during Black History Month in February and Women's History Month in March. The Advocacy Project is an initiative designed by the two TCCHS teachers during Camp One Troy last summer.


  • Four graduates and recipients of scholarships from the Kiwanis Club of Troy received their awards for their fall semester of college. These students earned college credits in our Dual Enrollment program prior to graduation, and now, Kiwanis is helping them continue to pursue their college education.