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Students have a half-day on Wednesday, March 27th. They will be dismissed at 11:15. The following day is a full day - the last one before spring break!

TCCHS January News Notes


Troy College & Career High School – Tuesday, January 16, 2018


  • Troy College & Career High School partnered with Oakland County Michigan Works! Troy when employment specialists conducted pathway exploration sessions with all students last week. In addition to traditional college, students learned about apprenticeships, trade and technical training, and other post-secondary options.


  • Thirty-two students (including eight from Intersect) began winter semester college classes last week at Oakland, Macomb, and Washtenaw Community Colleges. Students earn college credit free of cost while completing high school requirements in our very successful Dual Enrollment program.


  • Forensic scientists from the biology unit of the Michigan State Police Forensics Lab met with forensic science students last week and shared information about the process of how they solve cases and the newest technology that they have used in only a few crime scenes.


  • Student Government sponsored an art contest recently to encourage student sharing of creative and artistic talent. The group is also working to establish an after-school art club in the near future.


  • Utilizing grant funds recently received by the Troy Foundation for Educational Excellence, “Innovator-of-the-Year” Renee Boogren is implementing a revised astronomy unit including hands-on equipment for her students. Boogren is also revisiting the evolution curriculum unit in her Genetics class that she began piloting with the University of Utah during first quarter.