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Troy College & Career Student Wins Recipe Contest Award

March 21, 2017


While she enjoys culinary creativity and bakes as a hobby, Gina Masamery, Troy College and Career High School student, said she was surprised recently when she found out she was the third-place winner in a recipe contest.

                Masamery, who transferred to Troy College & Career from Athens High School in Troy in January, was recently named one of the top three winners in the Michigan Restaurant Association/Michigan Wheat Program Recipe Competition.

                Her submission, “Whole Wheat Jalapeno Pepper Muffins,” will be included in the Michigan Wheat Program cookbook and has been photographed and professionally printed onto recipe cards. In addition, Masamery’s creation also earned her a $200 award.

                Entering the contest was spurred by an assignment by Amy Olsen, Masamery’s Commercial Baking class instructor, at Athens back in September.  The class prepares bakery items for the student-run, in-school restaurant, The Terrace Café.  Olsen’s students took the top five winning spots in the competition.

                Masamery said the teacher gave students a baking chart, and the only ingredient that had to be included in the original recipe was wheat.

                “I had never heard of a jalapeno muffin before, and it just came to mind.  I really like spicy food,” Masamery said. 

The Troy resident plans to be a part of Troy College and Career’s dual enrollment program and take college classes at Oakland Community College next fall to begin studying for a career in early childhood development.

Troy College & Career assists students in the Metro-Detroit area to recover high school credits, prepares them for higher education, and offers dual enrollment opportunities.  For more information, please call (248) 823-5156.

Gina Masamery’s recipe for whole wheat jalapeno pepper muffins was printed on recipe cards when she recently won third-place in a contest sponsored by the Michigan Restaurant Association.