Dual Enrollment FAQ's

Are there any credit requirements to participate?

Typically, a student must have completed at least 16 high school credits and the College Prep class.

How many college credits can I take?

Students can earn as many credits as they are comfortable taking with the approval of the Dual Enrollment committee.  In addition, students must not spend more than the full-time tuition amount allotted by the State of Michigan. Our dual enrollment students typically take between one and four college classes in a semester.

Do I need to take all traditional “academic” college classes?

No. We encourage students to take courses that help them pursue a degree, and/or certificate that will lead them to become gainfully-employed citizens.  We have had students take classes that lead to certificates in skilled trades like mechanics, heating and cooling, and even programs like veterinary assisting.

What if I change my mind? Can I still graduate from high school?

Of course!  Once a student completes the state-mandated minimum number of high school credits, students are eligible to graduate at whatever point they are at in the Dual Enrollment program.  Dual Enrollment is an opportunity and option at TCCHS – not a requirement.

Do all students at TCCHS have to take college classes?

While it is encouraged that students take our College Prep class (about 75% do so), our high school students may, but are not required, to also enroll in college.

Why is Dual Enrollment the right choice for me?

The Dual Enrollment program is fully supported by high school teachers which is most effective at helping students transition from high school to college or career. The support of TCCHS teachers helps ensure student success!

How to Apply

To learn more about dual enrollment options at TCCHS, please contact Deb MacDonald Linford, principal, at dmacdonald@troy.k12.mi.us or (248) 823-5156.