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Students are scheduled with 4 classes per quarter. During each quarter, students will cover a semester's worth of content in each class. At the end of each quarter, students have the potential to earn 2 credits along with .5 work credit!
TCC offers some exciting class options that are very unique to most traditional school classes such as:Music technology, Advanced Placement Art History, Critical Science Issues,  Comic Book Literature, and an “all else” class called Advisory that helps with study skills, homework, career exploration, and mentor support. TCC also has a full art program for its students, and offers students a hands on learning experience in its tech center, music recording studio and woodshop.
TCC follows the traditional school calendar of the Troy School District with a few exceptions.
  • TCC starts later each day than the traditional schools,
  • There are Incentive Days and has half day Wednesdays to help students catch up that are behind in their school work, or seek extra help with assignments and learning they might be struggling with. All vacation days for students are the same as the traditional schools.
Dual Enrollment
Students who are interested in earning free college credit or career certification may participate in the dual enrollment program. Seventy-five percent of the TCCHS student body has already earned college credit or certification!
When all credit requirements are met, TCCHS students receive a Troy or Athens high school diploma. 
Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities
Students who meet eligibility requirements may participate in Troy or Athens athletic programs and after-school clubs or activities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)