Troy College and Career High School

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Make sure your parents fill-out your permission slips for Cedar Point - due on Wednesday; the trip is Thursday, May 25th. Make sure to bring sunscreen, comfy walking shoes, and pack a non-perishable lunch or bring money for food! It is supposed to be in the 60's and drizzle, so also take a light jacket.
About Us » Mission, Vision and Goals

Mission, Vision and Goals


Troy College & Career High School will provide non-traditional students the opportunity for a quality education whether they pursue a path to college after graduation or desire to go directly into the workforce.


Troy College & Career High School will provide an environment in which students can restore confidence to reclaim their academic focus. NCHS will be a place where a collaborative community develops curriculum, instructional strategies and assessments unique to the non-traditional learner.


Mathematics: All students will find mathematics to be an enjoyable and rewarding part of their education. 

Social Studies: All Troy College & Career High School students will excel in core social studies courses. 

Literacy: Students will improve reading comprehension.